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Monday, November 23, 2015

Influenster & Silkn Flash&Go Express Reviews

Please forgive my absence, it has been a great and busy journey so far!

I have recently joined a site called Influenster as a reviewer, and so far I am loving it! Influenster connects you with different companies and products via surveys, and they send you a Voxbox filled with items you've been matched to review.

Interested in joining? It is invite only, so follow the link and it will lead you to the invite/sign up page!

I was skeptical at first, but have already been sent my first Voxbox and I am beyond surprised at what I received. I took the survey offered and I was qualified for one awesome item... The Silkn Flash&Go Express! At first I wasn't sure what to think when they sent me the email, as surely they couldn't be sending these things out for free... well, they did!

I opened the box and read all the instructions THOROUGHLY before using it for the first time. I have super sensitive skin and a ridiculously low pain tolerance so needless to say I was scared to use it for the first time.

I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to use. You plug it in, turn it on, and away you go. You have to choose the correct level/setting based on the chart they give you in the directions and the product does take a minute or so to charge the laser. After selecting the correct setting, I braced myself for the first flash and pushed the button. I saw a flash of light but no pain just some slight discomfort.

I tried the Silkn Flash&Go Express for four weeks on my underarm hair, and embarrassingly, my feet (my husband calls them hobbit feet, in case you needed a nice visual). I followed all the instructions for use and so far have had some pretty good results. Though I am not seeing an absence of hair growth, I am noting that the hairs growing back are thinner and growing at a much slower rate than normal.

Again, there is some discomfort while using the increased settings, however that is the nature of the beast with laser hair removal. I also am still not convinced that this laser will be strong enough to permanently prevent hair from growing back and I believe that will be something you have to continuously upkeep (though I'm noting this to be at a slower rate than shaving already). The other downside I see to purchasing this item is that it is expensive and would have some item maintenance as eventually you would need to purchase replacement bulbs. For me, the price of these items wouldn't be in my personal beauty budget.

I am going to continue using this, increasing the settings per instructions, and hope for the best; no more underarm hair or hobbit feet! We'll see how it goes!

Interested in purchasing your own and giving it a try? Head over to and use the code "NOHAIR" to receive 10% off of your purchase, but hurry, because this offer expires January 31, 2016.

Already own one? Let me know what you think! What's your favorite method of hair removal?

*Disclaimer: I received this product completely complementary from Influenster and Silkn for testing and reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own and I did not receive any compensation for this post. #SilknSmooth #Contest

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